Looking to Save Money on Shell Gas?

At Seasons Corner Market we have plenty of ways for you to save big! We have all types of rewards that fit your needs to save on Shell fuel.

Never pay full price for Shell gas

With free Fuel Rewards® Fuel Rewards® members now save 5¢ per gal when they fill up at participating Shell stations. Get an extra 10¢ per gallon after filling up with at least 8 gallons of new V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline. You’ll also save an extra 5¢ per gallon if you spend $25 or more at any Seasons Corner Market stores. 

Get Instant Gold Status:

  • Join the Fuel Rewards® program and get Instant Gold Status
  • Swipe your Fuel Rewards® card or enter your Alt ID when you fuel at a participating Shell station.
  • With Gold Status, you will receive 5¢ per gal in Fuel Rewards® savings on every fill-up.
  • The 5¢ per gal reward for Gold Status will be combined with other rewards in your Fuel Rewards® account.

Do you have S-Pay?

Shell S Pay is a mobile payment method, there’s no need to wait for a plastic credit or debit card to arrive in the mail, and there’s no credit approval required. So you can start saving today! To enroll you must have an active Fuel Rewards® account linked to the Shell app.

Saving 10¢ on every fill is simple and secure! All you need to do is link your checking account through Shell S Pay.

See the savings yourself! Our customers shared their receipts of money they saved with our fuel reward programs.

Please review our current monthly fuel rewards

Valid January 2022

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