COVID-19 Crisis message

During this challenging and difficult time, Seasons Corner Market stores will remain open, but we are asking you to please bear with us as we make some changes. Due to the numerous schedule changes that have taken place with work, school, and homecare, we are working to accommodate the needs of our employees with families and children. Please review our latest store hours and information either on our website or online as some of our 24 hour stores have temporarily adjusted their hours. This will provide the necessary time to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces, so that we may continue to operate our services in a safe fashion.

We want to assure everyone we are taking the health and safety of our customers and employees very seriously. We will be elevating our health measures and protocols to follow the recommendations and guidelines of medical experts such as the CDC and WHO to keep our facilities clean and disinfected. This means thorough and continuous cleaning, physically spreading apart, washing hands, and maintaining frequent dialogue with all our staff and partners.

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