"I love Seasons because it's on my way to work, always has a great selection, and is always clean!"

—- Betsy Carter of Fall River, MA

"So happy to have a Seasons close to home! You guys are great, keep it up."

—-Elizabeth Haskell of Pembroke, MA

"I'm so pumped you guys are in Newport now, will make my life a lot easier."

—-Zachary Colton of Newport RI

"They have a little bit of everything, it's like a one stop shop."

—-Dora Horta of Coventry RI

"Hands down the nicest convenience store in the area. Very upscale."

—-Kyle Marks of Raynham MA

"Seasons is the best convenience store and has the best prices on Shell gas!"

—-Saadia Cicerone of Cranston RI

"So happy and glad you opened one on Mineral Spring Ave in North Providence. Always a great shopping experience, thanks for all that you do!"

—-Pamela Nelson Burkett of Providence RI

"I'm very excited that you guys opened up. The store is beautiful, best in town."

—-Frank Capucci of Framingham, MA

"I love Seasons Corner Market because it's modern, fresh, and awesome!"

—-Mark McDonough of Cumberland RI

"I love Seasons Corner Market for their great coffee drink selection."

—-Ryan Ellis of Cumberland RI

"Seasons has the nicest employees and provides great service!"

—-Megan Sikie of Cumberland RI

"We love everything about Seasons Corner Market! We shop there everyday!"

—-Simon Toney of North Kingstown RI

"Seasons has everything you need at one stop!"

—-Lance Murphy of Warwick RI

"They have amazing employees that are always so helpful!"

—-Joseph Reingardt of North Kingstown RI

"It's clean, convenient, and the pumps always have plenty of space for me to fill my truck up with diesel."

—-Danny Njuguno of Worcester MA

"I always have a good experience in your stores and I love all the new premium products you carry. Sandwiches are great and I love all the energy drinks to choose from."

—-Darren Ryan of Middletown RI

"I'm a customer for life now! So much nicer than the other convenience stores I've been to in the area! Keep up the good work."

—-Mark Harden of Barrington RI

"I just wanted to say that when I was visiting family in Rhode Island I was very impressed with your stores and the impeccable service provided. Bravo and congratulations on your continued success."

—-Jennifer Dubois of Montreal Canada

"Your stores have an unmatched beverage selection, everything you could want and more!"

—-Ray Matthews of Shrewsbury MA

"It truly is a Fast, Fresh, and Friendly experience at Seasons. I love the look and feel of the stores as well!"

—-Jill Sanders of Cumberland RI

"I love the fresh food and healthier snack / drink options when I'm in Rhode Island visiting family!"

—-Christina Welsh of Burlington VT

"I always make sure to visit your stores when I am in the area!"

—-Roger O'Connell of Portland ME

"Seasons Corner Market has everything I need!"

—-Jessica Swida of North Providence RI

"I enjoy the all the fresh food and veggies they offer."

—-Margaret Beckett of Providence RI

"I love Seasons Corner Market because of the convenience and selection."

—-Kim Halliwell of Johnston RI

"Going to you guys is big improvement from the On The Run station I used to use going to work. The Seasons stores are so much nicer and the gas is better quality."

—-Mark Schmidt of Randolph MA

"They have great deals for savings on gas and it's very convenient because it is right near my house. Seasons is great!"

—-David D'Andrea of Warwick RI

"It's very convenient to get gas and plenty of grab-and-go products!"

—-Amanda Araujo of Pawtucket RI

"It's a great pit stop for road trips!"

—-Cristina Sanchez of Miami FL

"I love Seasons Corner Market because of the great customer service!"

—-Jay Cunningham of Rhode Island

"Thank goodness you are building a store in Shrewsbury so I no longer have to settle for that Honey Farms!"

—-Aaron Carson of Shrewsbury MA

"Seasons Corner Market is clean, modern, and convenient!"

—-Louis Boisvert of North Providence RI

"I love Seasons Corner Market because of the fresh food and friendly service."

—-Victoria Masse of Woonsocket RI

"It's convenient, clean, and courteous!"

—-Donna Procter of Johnston RI

"It's always a great shopping experience there."

—-Jackie Davis of Nashua NH

"I love Seasons Corner Market because of the great people!"

—-Ariana Lema of Mansfield CT

"I love the great selection and prices!!"

—-Hope Marcoux of Pawtucket RI

"I love the wonderful people that work there!"

—-Christopher Phillips of Worcester MA

"I love Seasons Corner Market because it has everything I need and nice clean restrooms!"

—-Marilyn Soscia of Warwick RI

"Great deals and very nice people!"

—-Cynthia Deniscevich of Providence RI

"The food is great and the stores are close by. It's a wonderful place to get my coffee and doughnuts!"

—-Louraine Christofaro of Warwick RI

"It has everything I need!"

—-Judy Finkle of East Greenwich RI

"I've gone to a lot of Cumberland Farms and Hess Express stores in Rhode Island and I'll tell you flat out, Seasons Corner Market was superior in every way. The stores are gorgeous, I actually enjoy going in there, and it's so clean and well-organized. You all got it right!"

—-Lisa Marinelli of Providence RI

"Seasons Corner Market has great selections, fair pricing, and excellent service!"

—-Stephen Poole of East Providence RI

"Excellent locations, helpful people, and great prices!"

—Marina Relyea of Lincoln RI

"The stores are so clean and friendly. It's quick and easy to get in and out."

—Linda McCarthy of East Providence RI

"They treat you like you're family!"

—Paul Taylor of East Providence RI

"It is so bright, clean, and friendly!"

—Elaine Amaral of Riverside RI

“I love Seasons Corner Market because of the great deals!”

—Joanne Andreozzi of North Providence

“Seasons Corner Market is great and the clerks are always very polite.”

—Theresa Mahasen of Johnston RI

"I love Seasons Corner Market because the stores are beautiful! I love shopping there."

—Dawn Parker of Wakefield MA

"Seasons Corner Market has the best gas and convenience store items for my specific needs."

—Amanda Rosa of Johnston RI

"I only go to your stores!"

—Joe Silver of Johnston RI

"Seasons Corner Market has great food, drinks, and gas... what's better?"

—Kristin Falcone of Cranston RI

“I love Seasons Corner Market because they have beautiful stores and the employees are very friendly.”

—Christopher Phillips of Worcester MA

"Seasons Corner Market is close to my house, they have great deals, and they always have a great selection."

—Amanda Galasso of Johnston RI

"I'm a fan of Seasons Corner Market because they offer a variety of fresh food options."

—Justin Cunha of Cranston RI

“Seasons Corner Market has a new and great selection!”

—Chelsea Forsgren of North Providence, RI

“I love Seasons Corner Market because they are open 24 hours a day and carry pretty much everything.”

—Melody Cook of Warwick, RI

“These stores are wonderful! Hope you are making plans to open in Westerly!”

—Dawn Lopez of Westerly, RI

“I love the store!”

—Judith Cheshier of Cranston, RI

“Seasons Corner Market stores are the friendliest and the cleanest convenience stores.”

—Sharon Berg of Warwick, RI

“It’s just so friendly in there, the workers are great! I love the new look as well!!”

—Donna DiSarro of Johnston, RI

"I love Seasons Corner Market because of the great prices!"

—Gary Babbitt of Providence, RI

"Seasons Corner Market has great prices and the cleanest stores around!"

—Diana Scorpio of Johnston RI

“I always shop and get my gas there. So glad you opened!”

—Patrice Roberts of Providence RI

“I love Seasons Corner Market because of their great product variety!”

—Mallory Tombs of Coventry RI