Seasons Corner Market Donates $50,000 For The Gloria Gemma Hope Bus

Seasons Corner Market Gloria Gemma Hope Bus Breast Cancer Awareness Rhode Island



To request the Hope Bus participate in an event or visit your location, we ask that you request it at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your event in order to accommodate your request and so that we can arrange for providers to join us.  Please contact Maureen DiPiero or call 401-861-HERO (4376) to schedule a date and time. 

The only requirement is that there is space to accommodate its size:  38 feet long, 12 feet high and 8 ½ feet wide.


Seasons Corner Market has donated $50,000 to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Awareness Resource Foundation. This donation will be put towards their Hope Bus which serves the Rhode Island community with a wide variety of valuable services. The Hope Bus will start up again in April and assisting our community! We are proud to be supporting such a great cause, an outstanding service, and a valuable neighborhood resource.

“Breast cancer affects so many people in our local communities, and we have a desire to keep funds local,” said Thomas Breckel, VP of Operations. “After connecting with the organization’s staff, our understanding and appreciation of their work and impact in the community grew stronger.”

“We introduced the Hope Bus four years ago, and it has since been a critical to our ability to reach people directly in their own communities,” said Maria Gemma, executive director of the foundation. “We are so grateful for support and commitment from Seasons Corner Market, and are very proud to be aligned with a brand that evokes that local ‘neighborhood feeling.’”

The Gloria Gemma Hope Bus provides educational, healing, and screening services throughout Rhode Island, including lower income neighborhoods. State outreach workers can often provide screening services such as free mammograms and clinical breast exams.

You can read the original article on the Providence Business News. Also, please visit and donate at

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