Change 4 Kids Fundraising Month

Throughout the month of October, we will be raising money for the great cause Change 4 Kids with Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Our stores in Rhode Island and bordering Massachusetts will be contributing significant amounts from various products that are sold. The funds raised go to help Hasbro Children’s Hospital and their exceptional care, education, and research for our local children and families. In addition, we will also be placing donation boxes at all of these participating stores so you can donate your spare change and dollars. Please help us in contributing to this very important local cause. All of us at Seasons Corner Market¬†thank you so much for your support as we make a positive change for so many kids!

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Change 4 Kids Pumpkin Drawing


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2 Responses to “Change 4 Kids Fundraising Month”

  1. Matthew Verri on

    Hi i would like to start off by saying that this is a great idea, and should have started a long time ago. I remember I was at my local shell gas station in Rhode Island around seven years ago when the boy in front of me was five cents for his Gatorade and snacks. the cashier pointed to the “take a penny leave a penny” trey and instructed the boy he could only take one penny. I understand the cashier is just doing there job. So I paid for the boys items and he went on his way. When the cashier rang me out with the remaining change I said “keep the change for a Kid.” and it stuck with me so for the past seven years I have been giving my remainder change to the penny trey telling the cashier to “Keep The Change for a Kid” and I do not do this just at Shell’s but everywhere I go. I was wondering if there is any way I can help with this cause, i feel strongly about it and would like to help anyway I can. thank you Matt Verri.

    • Seasons Corner Market on

      Matthew, thank you for visiting our website and we are glad to hear of your generosity! We hope you continue to frequent our stores and we greatly appreciate having you as a customer. For the remainder of the month, you can donate any change or cash at Seasons Corner Market stores in Rhode Island. You can also donate money on the Hasbro Children’s Hospital website Thank you and have a Seasonal day!